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Join our Family Day Care team

Would you like to work with a Family Day Care Scheme that is supportive and appreciates you as the heart and soul of the business?
Would you like to work with a Family Day Care Scheme that will work in close collaboration with you and assist you to reach your full potential?
Do you feel isolated in your role and want to work in collaboration with a group of passionate family day care Educators that genuinely love what they do?
FDC United Educators Scheme Educators have low vacancy rates because not only do they excel at their jobs but also because they work together in collaboration to fill each other’s vacancies
FDC United Educators Scheme fees are very competitive
True to our name We are a Team of United Educators

We are currently looking for Unique, passionate Educators to join our team

If you want to be part of a boutique scheme of Educators who lift each other up, believing that ‘Unity is Strength’ then

please either call us on

0403 933 211

or alternatively, send us an email telling us about yourself