Our Philosophy


prides itself on being passionate, committed, dedicated and supportive in building partnerships based on respect, honesty and mutual trust between families, educators, staff and children.  We believe that the key foundation for our scheme to succeed is ‘unity’.​

We believe children learn through play.  As children play they learn to solve problems, to get along with others and to develop fine and gross motor skills that they need to grow and learn. Developing a genuine relationship with children allows them to feel a sense of “Belonging” to a community and valued for their participation. This builds secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships.

Family Day Care Educators nurture each child in their care and support their learning through play by asking open ended questions, and providing a learning environment that encourages children to explore, solve problems, create and construct.  Children are involved in making decisions, which will build self esteem, confidence and their sense of agency. These decisions may be just of “Being” in the moment, educators acknowledge that need and it’s benefits in childhood.

Our Family Day Care Educators aim to assist children to achieve their greatest potential by providing a balance of activities that assist children to acquire social skills, thinking skills, spatial and visual skills and creative thinking skills by treating each child as an individual with different needs.  Our educators take a holistic approach and consider the whole child, not just one aspect therefore continually striving to find equitable and inclusive ways for all children to be able to achieve learning outcomes.

By being attuned to children’s thoughts and feelings the educator is able to support the children in their care by extending on their interests, knowledge and experiences to support the development of a strong sense of wellbeing.  Our educators observe, analyse and scaffold children’s experiences.

We welcome and respect cultural diversity.  Children are born ‘belonging’ to a culture and we aim to build respectful and supportive relationships with all the families in our service and respect the knowledge and culture that family brings to their child’s learning.  We believe families are the child’s first teacher and collaboration supports children in reaching their full potential.

As children are social beings, they interact with people and the environment within our community. Hence, we acknowledge the importance that the community has in a child’s self identity and their position within society. We support children in “Becoming”, learning to participate in society and developing environmental awareness to build a more sustainable future.

We support our educators and staff to become lifelong learners and nurture their professional development through attending various training and liaising with other professionals for reflective discussions on their pedagogy and practice. This supports their documentation and daily practice and hence creates meaningful experiences.

We value feedback from educators and staff and recognise the contribution they make to the service.  It is in this ongoing cycle of review that new ideas are generated helping us to continually strive to build a quality scheme that works for the educator, families and children.