About Us

We're Here to serve Educators, Families,

Children & The Community


FDC United Educators Scheme operates under the same National Quality Framework (NQF) as other forms of childcare; incorporating national regulations, quality and qualification standards, educational frameworks and an assessment and ratings process. Co-ordinators work closely with Educators, children and families ensuring they are well supported. ​​


Meet Rosa, our Co-ordinator

FDC United Educators Scheme was founded by a former Family Day Care Educator Rosa who felt there was a strong need for a scheme that understands Educators' need to feel valued and supported, resulting in them being able to focus on children's learning and development.  If this support is lacking Educators can feel very isolated and depressed in their day to day role as Early Childhood Educators.  Hence, we aim to attract, reward and retain high quality Educators and staff.  

Rosa understands the needs of working families - Rosa is a mother of 3 young children and was fortunate to have been able to care for her own children whilst working as an Educator.  Family Day Care for many working parents is the next best thing to being at home themselves to look after their children.  It is less formal than a child care centre, with supervised care for children being provided in the homes of carefully selected, licensed, qualified Educators, who are often mothers with small children of their own.  Our goal is for parents to feel good about their education and care choice, and that the children are safe, engaged, educated, happy and thriving.  We want to make a positive and lasting difference to the lives of the children and families within our scheme.      

Prior to running a successful Family Day Care business in Leichhardt, Rosa originally came from a creative arts background which aided her in nourishing children's senses through play experiences rich in learning opportunities that would meet the needs of children in her care.  FDC United Educators Scheme's network of competent Educators respect children's sense of agency, allowing children to feel empowered to be able to grow and develop into confident individuals.

We aim to service the needs of the community by understanding that our pricing structure must be competitively less than our direct competitor and that of the larger commercial run services.  We will work with Educators, Families and the Community in 'unity' and be completely transparent, continuously using self assessment tools to look for gaps in our service that need improvement.  Communication will be a paramount part of our scheme as will our commitment to families using our service as well as the community.  Our Educators and staff will understand that giving families complete peace of mind will result in cherished experiences with our service and will lead to 'word of mouth' recommendations allowing us to grow and be the recognised leader of child care services in the Inner West.​​